Why freelance network?

Why Freelance?

Because it allows us to get together professionals with extensive experience at competitive pricing.

Why a Network?

Although a professional may have extensive experience and be an expert in his area, the best results are achieved working in a team.

How the network works?

The coordinator and the expert in the area, working as a team, review each work request. Only one budget for the client. A single contact person. A team at the service of the sponsor.

Network professionals have knowledge of the Efficacy ICH’s guidelines on clinical trials (E1 to E18), from basic Good Clinical Practice (GCP) European regulatory requirements to adaptive sample size calculations. We have a group of advisors for more specific topics as Pharmacogenetics (ICH-E15) or Genomic Sampling Methodologies (ICH-E18).

Who contract?

You always contract a named professional that will be your direct contact. There will be no intermediary between your work and the person who does.

Is it a new company?

No, it’s not a CRO or company or anything like that. It is a network of professionals working on their own, coordinating efforts and work to give the best of themselves.


What are the benefits of working with the Network?

Quality, the first condition to be part of the Network is to be a senior in your speciality. We do not have training or continuous turn over of professionals.

Flexibility, our working procedures are your procedures. We have no others. We work only with what you need. We do not have others.

Price, we do not have accounting, management, administration, human resources, and other essential departments in a company, but we do not need them in our network. This allows us to work at a lower cost than any other company.

Who are our customers?

We work for pharmaceutical companies, CROs and associations of investigators.

What projects are we working on?

We are not afraid of big studies, but today our network is designed for small, national or international projects.

From Phase II clinical trials to Observational and Epidemilogical Studies according the international and national regulations.

KOL: We have an extensive network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) of different therapeutic specialties with whom we collaborate for specific projects either in the design of study proposals and implementation of clinical research projects. To work with KOL we proposed various options together with the sponsor project by project.

What is different?

We are not a big or small CRO, but we work for both small companies and Big Pharma as well as for independent investigators. What makes us different is the proximity to the sponsors and adaptation to their needs.


Recent publish manuscripts with collaboration of Trialance team

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Ongoing clinical trials in different areas

Medical device, dermatology, oncology, food supplements, auto immune diseases, cardiology and gynecology


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