TRIALANCE is an association of professionals with extensive experience in clinical research, in areas such as medical writing, pharmacovigilance and statistics.

From observational studies to Phase II clinical trials.

Because it allows us to get together professionals with extensive experience at competitive pricing.
Although as professionals we have extensive experience in different areas, the best results are achieved working in a team.
Our company is unique. We work together in a partnership company. We are owners of our company, all of us are shareholders. Medical writing, statisticians and clinical project managers joint together to get the best research projects.
You always contract a specific professional that will be your direct contact, with no intermediaries.
We have no offices, all of us work home-based. It is not a trend, it is not for safety. It is for our comfort. It is about saving costs. It is about getting the best efficiency for our clients. It is about getting the best professionals wherever they are.
Where you need, where you like. Our professionals are based in Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich, and Lisbon. We have clients in Europe, LATAM and the USA.
Pharma companies, public foundation, scientific societies… from small to big companies based on Spain, Switzerland, the UK, Portugal, Brazil and the USA (2019 and 2020)
From full clinical trials services to specific collaborations. From non-interventional and international patient registries to monitoring phase I studies. From real-world data projects to bibliographic research.
We are neither a big nor small CRO, but we work for both small companies and Big Pharma as well as for independent investigators. What makes us different is the proximity to the sponsors and flexibility to adapt to their needs.